Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kartunis Ujang

Last week I came across an article about our well known cartoonist Ujang. I am one of his fan. I guess not many young people know him. I remember when asking to my nephew whether they know that UJANG humor magazine is derived from the cartoonist Ujang . And I told them that Ujang very famous during my teenager time and he is the one who created the masterpiece of AKu Budak Minang, Atuk, IBC(Intelligent Blues CLub). At that time Gila_Gila is the no 1 humor magazine. I think for decades Gila Gila has been the no 1 humor magazine in Malaysia. The close competitor at that time is Gelihati ( where cartoonist Gayour was born here. He is popular with Bersama Selamanya ....and the words Kill Kill Die Die , correct me if I'm fren Sh, love gayour karya so much) .

I remember when I was in Form3, we used to read Gila-Gila together-gether and read it loudly. And each person has it own character. Haha..kelakar giler...sorang buat suara lelaki, org tua dll. And we have formed our own group like IBC which also named as IBC and I remember I'm the SIngh Dobi ( I dont know on what character I have been chossen as Singh Dobi), ANie as Mat Afro, Liliq as Ujang, Atie as DIn, Ina as DIn and As as Lim kot...)I guess on that time every form and class have their own version of IBC. IBC tell us about the story of hostel students like us. Itu yang perasan tu....

Another popular cartoonist in Gila Gila is Cabai with her TIGA GADIS PINGITAN, and one of the main character is manja name la tuu..hehehe

BUt then, Ujang decided to have on his own magazine which is named as UJANG. I think it was my first year as a USM student on 1993 or 1994. Ujang memang MELATOP at that time...the character of crazy people like DIN BERAMBOI was superb.

But now, UJANG has been the no 1 humor magazine altho UJANG the real is no more in there. And until now, I never heard about any cartoonist who have created a phenomenon to the teenager's world like what we have had.

Interesting article to read

Collection I have

1. Aku Budak Minang

2. Atuk

3. IBC

4. Tiga dara Pingitan

5. Periwira MAt Gila ( ini mana ntah pi..dah ilang kot)


orangmuar said...
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orangmuar said...

one of my favourite character is Jaki Jipang... perhaps due to the cartoon background portraying simple life Java community in Batu Pahat kampung.... Jipang is from motorcycle Suzuki GP 100.. we use to call it GPang last time... and it just make me laughed to see Jaki always in his helmet even though sometime in his full Baju Melayu dress....

Setitis Tinta Di Alam Maya said...

yup..still remember jaki jipang...mmg kelakar..i think previous cartoonist more creative la...or may be we are old enuff to accept "modern" lawak